i can now safely say Drakengard 3 has a few redeeming qualities that make me feel like it was worth what I spent on it:

- The Intoner’s boss battles (it was a shame we don’t get to face off one on one with three tho)
- The OST
- Branch D
- The Final Song

It could’ve so much better, definitely. It could have been so much more. The potential for greatness was there but sadly, not explored nor achieved.

while I’m not happy with the game by any means, I can actually appreciate what it was and at the same time mourn what could have been.


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dat infuriating difficulty spike after branch A in drakengard 3


Elizabeth Lail & Georgina Haig as Anna & Elsa in TV Guide(x)

everyone i know is off doing their own thing and being successful at life in general and i’m just here reading fanfiction and crying over fictional lesbians

senjogaharas asked: Zero or Edea Lee?

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