being targeted by a teacher for having a hair color different than the norm is stupid as fuck

for fucks sake i wish people would stop actively engaging wit the rude emisoff stans. stop reblogging their posts. stop replying to their moronic comments. stop trying to fight fire with fire. I can’t highlight the importance of not falling into their manipulating games and lowering yourselves to their level enough. do not post hate in their tag. stop giving them attention, it’s what they want. 

that’s why the ignore button exists. a click and you never have to see the stupidity on the internet ever again.

Anonymous asked:
"You are lovely and deserve to be happy"

thank friend. You as well are very lovely and deserve all the happiness in the world

you realize just how shit and controlling emison shippers are when you see posts of them “banning” other emison shippers from their own fandom for daring to be okay with paily

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