On October first every year, my transformation begins.

I become Halloween.

My gender? Halloween.

My sexual preference? Halloween.

My romantic orientation? Also Halloween.

My pronouns are Halloween.

My special interest is Halloween.

I become.

I am.

Halloween is me.


"paramore was pulled off tour for a week when hayley was 16 because her mom grounded her" is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

yo, does anybody happen to know the name of and what happened to that one elsanna (and i think it’s swan queen and has a bit of sleeping warrior?) fic that picks up after the ouat season finale in which storybrooke is in eternal winter mode and everyone’s wondering what happened.

basically what i remember reading is anna (who has been searching for elsa for a long time) going to sheriff emma (who apparently recently realized she was gay and rejected hook?) and telling the story about how in arendelle she was getting married and she and elsa had a fight (?) and elsa went on a trip… somewhere. but promised she’d return for her wedding. 

then the reader finds out that elsa (who it turns out was adopted? i think?) was on her way to arendelle for her sister’s wedding but was intercepted by rumpelstiltskin (and that’s tied to how she ended up in the jar)

there’s also a bit about olaf telling anna he was gay (? i think?) and anna’s revelation of being in love with her sister and thus starting a search for her with her trusty sidekicks storybrooke!olaf and storybrooke!marshmallow. also there was something about storybrooke!verse anna being married to a milk man(? i really can’t remember if it was milkman but it was def something about farm animals) during the whole mindwipe/stand still time in storybrooke (which i guess means kristoff but is never explicitly stated so) 

i’ve tried to find the fic but so far have been completely unsuccessful and it’s driving me crazy bc i remember it being interesting and well written enough to keep my attention. so if anyone can help it would be very appreciated

hello yes i’m here interrupting your dash to bring this special announcement:

The Stars, Like Dust by take-everything-and-more (Shaken and Broken, All Is Lost author) is so fucking good so far and it is something that everyone should def be reading bc reasons



Paige has a new lesbian, sorry Emily

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